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Welcome to!

This guide will help you get your business established within our directory - and guide you through setting up your Merchant Page.

Step 1: Verify Information

Please verify your information.

The information collected during registration will be used in your Merchant page. Any of this information can be changed at a later time.

Step 2: Choose your package

We offer several membership packages here at

Trial Merchant Package

As a courtesy, we are offering an all-access pass to our current merchants. This package grants you full access to all of our services. After the trial period expires, you will have the choice between our Premium Merchant Package or our Standard Merchant Package. (Note: We are extending this offer for at least the next 6 months to our current merchants - as we continue to work out the functionality of the site.)

Standard Merchant Package

This package is included in the price of purchasing ad space on THE MAP, and allows your business to have a listing in the directory. However, you will not be able to publish coupons for your business, and other users will not have access to your Merchant Page. We will still give you access to the Merchant Page - to see what you are missing. :)

Premium Merchant Package

The premium merchant package allows your business to have the highest level of visibility for just $XX/year. You will be allowed to submit coupons that can be viewed and printed by the general user. Your Merchant Page - where you can upload and display photos and post extended descriptions of your business, will also be viewable by the general user.

Step 3: List your business

Once you have verified your information and have logged into the site you can Submit your business to our directory.

This is the most critical step - as the directory serves as the primary visibility point, and anchor for the other areas of the site. Skipping this step will leave your company invisible.

Submitting Coupons

Once your listing has been submitted - you can navigate to your category and ensure that the listing meets your expectations. Once there - you will have a list of icons beneath your business name, that you can use to edit your listing, or add a coupon for your business. If you are adding a coupon - please fill out all of the fields to the best of your ability. You can also access coupons through the control panel.

Creative Promotions Unlimited will not be held responsible for any typographical errors on merchant coupons, and is not liable for any discrepancies or losses. By submitting coupons, merchants understand that they are ultimately responsible for creating and proofing all accurate coupon and special offer content.

Sample Coupon
Coupon Heading: 20% off your next purchase!
Description: [i]Come in to any your business now, to save big on any purchase over $100.00!
Select Coupon: Leave Blank
Convert Linebreaks: Leave set to "yes"
Coupon Publish Time: When should the coupon become visible?
Set Expiration Date?: This will toggle whether the coupon has an expiration date or not.
Coupon Expire Time: When should the coupon become invalid?

Editing your listing

On occasion you may need to go back and adjust some of the information you supplied for you listing when you submitted it. This is easily accomplished through the control panel, or if you are looking at your listing, you will see a row of icons below your business name - by clicking on the edit icon you are able to make any necessary changes to your listing.

Step 4: Enhance your profile

Permissions: When you first verified your information - you were asked to set visibility permissions for the different areas of your profile. This should always be set "Visible to Everyone".
Photos: Near the top of your profile there are a set of icons that access the different settings of your business profile page. One of these is for photos. Click on the icon and you will be sent to a new page - where you can toggle the upload form and add new photos to your profile. Be sure to always upload your company logo first - and once uploaded click the icon to set it as your default photo. After you have uploaded your company logo - you can continue to upload other photo's relevant to your company.
Profile Settings: The last form area of the profile page is where you can edit your company information. You can add additional addresses, phone numbers, your website, and customize your companies welcome text.

That's It!

In just four steps you have added your company to our directory, and maximized your visibility here at!

If you have had difficulty with any areas of our website - please use the Contact Form to seek assistance.